Seedlings We Are Watching

Take a look at our seedlings being evaluated for registration.


Speed Of Sound x Heavenly I’m Seeing Blue

Purple petals with patterning, large blue violet circular eye, gold throat.


Blazing Lamp-sticks x Heavenly New Frontiers

Large plant, brilliant red 7” flower with HNF flower form.


Elizabeth White x Heavenly New Frontiers
Rose/Pink with lighter pink eye. White edges, striking clump.


Yankee Pinstripes x Streaks N Strokes

Variable red/yellow striping, aggressive plant, high bud count


(Crimson Reflections x Get Jiggy) x (Leslie Renee x Seedling)

Large rose pink bloom with light pink eye and light edges.


(Crimson Reflections x Get Jiggy) x (Leslie Renee x Seedling)

Rose color with pink watermark and thick golden edges.


Barbara Watts x (Holiday Party x Bo Diddley) – Bachman

Peach color double, lighter sepals, gold throat with plenty of teeth.