Buying Goodlife Daylilies

Even though we wish we could keep them all, with such a large collection of seedlings we have to be very selective in what we keep. We offer a few different buying opportunities during the year. This page is designed to help you better understand what to expect when purchasing daylilies from our program.

Spring Plant Sale
Our spring plant sale is a chance for you to buy our extra seedlings to make room for our new stock. These are one of a kind seedlings from our breeding program. You will receive blooming size double fan plants that we have used in our hybridization program but we are now finished with. Spring plants arrive smaller and more dormant than fall plants, however they will be beginning to grow. We expect most spring shipped plants to bloom in your garden the same year they are planted. These are unregistered seedlings with good genetics. We will provide lineage whenever possible. These plants can be ordered anytime from our online store. Our digging and shipping season for Spring plants is April 15th to May 15th. Plants ordered before this will not be dug until April 15th at the earliest. Once the weather permits we will begin digging and shipping.

Summer Open Gardens
Blooming season in the garden begins the last week of June and usually lasts until mid-August with peak bloom expected around the 4th of July. We will be open beginning June 23rd through July 23rd, Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm and Sundays 12 – 4pm. No appointment is necessary. There will be 1000’s of plants for sale as well as gardens to tour and enjoy. Choose from seedlings from our Hybridizing program, Bachman registered varieties and seedlings, and a limited number of registered varieties. Many of our seedlings will be first time blooming plants and contain cutting edge genetics. As you walk through the gardens you can choose your plants for your garden and we will dig them on the spot. The garden will change each day, we welcome you to make multiple visits to be sure you see it all.

Fall Seedling Sale
Every fall we offer for sale a selection of our current year seedlings. These are plants that bloomed in the summer for the first time. You will receive the whole plant, the entire seedling during the fall sale. These plants will be available in the online store in the late summer and fall. The digging and shipping season for fall plants is August 1st – September 1st.

Shipping Information
We typically use USPS Priority Mail to ship daylilies. Shipping is $15 flat rate. We are a state inspected nursery and can ship anywhere in the United States. Local customers are welcome to pick up at the farm to avoid shipping costs. Your daylilies are dug, tagged, washed, packaged for shipping, and shipped typically in the same day. The daylilies will be good for several days in transit. We provide tracking information for all shipped orders.

Caring for Your New Seedlings
You should have a place prepared for your daylilies before they arrive. Your new daylilies will need to be planted or heeled in within a day or two of receiving your shipment.

Return Policy
If for some reason you are not satisfied with your plants when you receive your order, please return the order to us within 2 days of receipt for a refund.